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Logistics to give more opportunities to hire/booking well known Artists/Bands/Actors/Speakers WITH GREEN BUTTON for Gig Tours, Clubs, Festivals, Events, TV, Radio and Newspaper interviews when they plan to be in your continent/country or wish to gig in your country.
We believe in building personal relationships with everyone we have contact with and suggest using our unique set up for this, leave your name, telephone number and country and we will call you within 15 minutes.
BUSINESS CONCEPT: Being a reference on both sides with the goal of making successful bookings!

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CallYouNet homepage Artists/Bands are either booked for gigs or plans to be in another State/Country/Continent in the future. Artists/Bands doing tours together Artists/Bands that wish to gig live in another country Artists/Bands from one country that is suggested to gig live in another country. Artists/Bands that might be available to make live performance at short notice or accept gigs worldwide. Very Personal SErvice

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